Financial Consulting

Taxes are just one part of our client's financial well-being.  We provide comprehensive financial planning to ensure that your personal finances are on track for retirement, college, or major life events.



For young professionals
(Annual commitment)

$500 + $50/mo

Access to Financial Planning Portal with real-time updates

Monthly Budgeting

Tax strategies

Retirement planning

Credit score optimization

Develop financial goals

Understand employer benefits

2 hours up front planning

Quarterly touchpoints


Freelancers, Investment Property owners, and everyone else
(annual commitment)

$1000 + $125/mo

Everything in the Basic Plan, plus

Maximize current investment accounts

Debt reduction

Future tax planning

Asset protection

5 hours up front planning

Quarterly touchpoints

Tax prep discount 20%


Financial Consulting clients will be working with a Certified Financial Planning Professional (CFP).

Note: No specific investment advice is given.  General areas of assessing current financial state and making recommendations as to how to better position clients and reduce future risk.   Areas of assessment:  Budget/Spending, Net worth Calculation, Tips for reducing debt, Matching Savings Goals to Account Types/Buckets, Assessing Risk (Life/Disability Insurance, Wills/Trust, Umbrella Policies), Insurance Review (e.g., Do I need Life Insurance, do I have enough, am I over or under insured, should I increase or decrease deductibles, assessing workplace benefits), Investments (e.g., am I saving enough, do I have an emergency fund, am I maximize my workplace 401k contributions, should I consider consolidating old accounts/workplace plans, etc.)