Income Checklist

  • Wage, Freelance, Social Security, Unemployment Income
    (W2s, 1099-Misc, 1099-SSA, 1099-R, 5498, 1099-G, etc.)

  • Income from Partnerships, S Corps, Trusts, & Estates
    (K-1 and unreimbursed business expenses)

  • Retirement Distributions (Paid out 401k, IRA, etc.)

  • Stock Sales

  • Alimony Paid and/or Received
    (see divorce decree and bank statements)

  • Interest and Dividend Income
    (1099-INT, 1099-DIV)

  • State Income Tax Refund

  • Sale of Personal Real Estate
    (Provide purchase price and sale price)

  • Distributions from Health Savings Acct (HSA)

Additional Support Items

  • Prior Year Tax Return (Federal and States)

  • Valid Photo Identification
    (Taxpayer, Spouse and Dependents)

  • Foreign Bank Account Details
    (Name, address, account #, date & amount of highest balance)

  • Relocation Details
    (When and from where did you relocate)


Deduction Checklist

  • Unreimbursed Moving Expenses

  • Foreign Taxes Paid

  • Student Loan Interest Paid

  • Tuition and Fees Paid

  • Dependent Care Expenses
    (Name, Address, EIN, and amount of expenses paid)

  • Proof of Health Insurance
    (1099-A, health insurance cards, etc.)

  • Estimated Taxes Paid
    (Gather federal, state and local records of payments made)

  • Medical, Vision, and Dental Expenses
    (Don’t include pre-tax insurance premiums or expenses reimbursed though HSA, FSA, etc.)

  • State or Local Sales Taxes Paid

  • Real Estate & Property Taxes Paid
    (1098 or county real estate records)

  • Mortgage Loan Interest Paid
    (1098, contact individual or company financing your home)

  • Mortgage Insurance Premiums

  • Charitable Donations
    (Proof of cash/non-cash donations to qualifying charities)

  • Unreimbursed Employee Expenses
    (Travel costs, business meals, union dues, education, etc.)

  • Tax Preparation Fees Paid in Prior Year

  • Educator Expenses

  • Casualty or Theft Losses (un-reimbursed)
    (Auto accidents, fires, natural disasters, thefts, etc.)